What’s Up With Unboxing Videos? The Trend You Must Try

  • Jun 22, 2022

We all enjoy that element of surprise (well, most of us!). User-generated unboxing videos have popped up more and more on YouTube and other social media platforms, adding a surprising value to products and the brands behind them.

Unboxing videos are exactly that – people opening up products to give viewers a little taste of what’s inside. In fact, unboxing videos have become so popular online, it would take more than seven years to watch all the videos on YouTube with “unboxing” in the title! (Think With Google – Marketing Research & Insights)  

So, why are these unboxing videos so popular? And how can you work with consumers to generate these trendy videos too? Read on!


Behind the Trend

Unboxing videos are fun, light-hearted videos highlighting products and the experience of opening them up – think Christmas morning, but used as a marketing tactic. These videos encourage an emotional perspective of a brand, offering anticipation, enticement, and valuable information on the products inside.

Many brands have jumped on this interactive bandwagon using unboxing videos to promote their products in an authentic way including Fab Fit Fun, BarkBox, Blue Apron, and beyond. Typically created by trusted social media influencers or beloved celebrities, unboxing videos could be what your brand needs to establish brand awareness and loyalty among customers.

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So, how do you create an effective unboxing video? It’s simple!


Think Outside The Box

When creating unboxing videos for your social media feed, promotional products are the perfect resources to include! Think about it: When you send your clients a care package full of promo products branded with your logo, you can ask them to create an exciting video of them opening up the package.

Pro tip: You can even ask your staff to help create these videos since they have extensive knowledge of the brand!

When it comes to unboxing videos, not only is this form of marketing engaging, but it will entice potential customers to check out your brand. We all like new, shiny things after all – and watching these videos may encourage viewers to work with your brand in hopes of receiving a care package as well!

Remember, when creating an unboxing video, there is no need for Photoshop or any fancy lighting. Instead, you want these videos to look as authentic as possible. Also, make sure the products are wrapped up in high-quality packaging – it will be the first impression, after all. Pack everything up in a colorfully branded box or add in filler to make the inside look more appealing. Get creative!

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Also, when asking customers or staff to create unboxing videos with your products, make sure they know to be as detailed as possible when describing each item. The more information, the more likely viewers will take that extra step and check out your brand.

Unboxing videos gain a lot of traction! Providing customers with an insight into what they can expect will not only improve your marketing efforts, but viewers will remember the creativity and thought you put into your brand's image. 

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