6 Promotional Products That Put Safety First

  • Aug 16, 2020

Whether it’s on a construction site, warehouse, or a laboratory, it’s always important to help your workers stay safe. Encourage your employees to make safe choices all year long with these safety-conscious products.  

1. Reflective Safety Vest

Brightly colored vests are great for construction workers or warehouse employees that need to stay safe on the job site. The reflective silver tape means they’ll have high visibility at night and other dangerous conditions like rain or fog.  


2. Hard Hat

Sturdy hard hats are essential for anyone that will be dealing with large or dangerous materials. Adding your logo to the front of the helmet will show everyone that you take safety seriously. 


3. High-Powered Flashlight


Never get caught in the dark again! There is a ton of powerful LED light packed in this tiny flashlight that is easy to keep attached to your tool belt or even in your pocket. 


4. Noise-Reducing Earplugs

Who doesn’t want some peace and quiet in the loud and noisy world today? These earplugs protect against loud noises and are necessary to prevent noise-induced hearing loss. They’re the perfect way to reduce the noise of loud concerts, racing events, or when using power tools. 


5. Protective Gloves


These heavy-duty gloves will keep your hands safe when working on home repairs, moving heavy boxes, or handling dangerous materials.


6. Safety Goggles


Protective lenses are a requirement in many industries so workers can protect their eyes from hazardous materials. These goggles can also be used at home by woodworking enthusiasts to keep out sawdust and debris. 


Want to see more products that help encourage safety in the workplace? We’ve got you covered with products like these and thousands more! Contact us today to get started. 


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