Tara Tyler

Tara Tyler
Customer Service

My interest in sales was cultivated through competition and the desire to go after the win — not just for myself, but for my team.


There are a great many words you could use to describe Tara Tyler, but “team player” is almost certain to be near the top of the list. As a Customer Care Specialist, her role at SVS Marketing is very much a team-based one, as she works closely with the sales team and customers alike, making sure that absolutely everyone is as happy as she can make them. While this is by no means a simple task, it’s certainly one that she’s more than well-prepared to take on every day.


Tara prefers to keep an open mind when it comes to customer needs and orders; to her, SVS is an organization that can be described with one simple statement: it strives to help its customers achieve their goals, whatever they may be. She knows that thanks to the collective knowledge and experience held by SVS, there is very little that the company can’t do for its clients’ marketing and promotional needs. As someone who prides herself in creativity and innovation, she is a natural fit for a company that aims to provide solutions for a diverse clientele.


It doesn’t matter if it’s just an idea or if it’s ready to go into production; every project is important, and we treat it as such.


As a Customer Care Specialist, Tara works very closely with the sales team at SVS, and, of course, with their customers. Her role includes making sure that all of the finer details of the project are on track, and so she will often reach out to customers to keep them updated on the project’s progress. In this role, she is able to exercise her own creative and warm nature to help advance any project she can. Indeed, her favourite projects are those that begin with an idea in its infancy and slowly progress towards becoming a reality, allowing her to bring her own experience to bear on the issue, and build a closer relationship with her customers.


Of course, to maintain so many different tasks and projects, Tara needs to be incredibly organized. Keeping on top of all of the projects she is involved in takes a great deal of care and attention to detail; thankfully, these are among Tara’s strengths.


While all of these attributes make her the ideal candidate for customer care, Tara’s motivation sets her apart somewhat, and gives her a unique edge over the rest of the industry: her innate sense for competition. For as long as she can remember, Tara has participated in competitive sports, and especially in hockey (goaltending in particular). Her early exposure to the world of sales quickly taught her that her drive to win was not at all confined to the sporting world, and she brought it with her as she progressed into SVS Marketing. To her, winning is a team effort, and any time that a client feels happy and looked after is a win in her eyes.


When she’s not working hard with clients, Tara can often be found enjoying her hobby for woodworking. A self-described crafts enthusiast, she’s created tables, signs, plaques, and cheese boards, and loves the experience of creating something from scratch (so the enjoyment she takes in brand-new projects is not altogether surprising). The work she does for SVS is, in many ways, a strong reflection of her personality, hobbies, and interests — all of which make her a Customer Care Specialist that her clients appreciate and are thrilled to work with, and a valuable member of the team at SVS Marketing.


I use my sense of organization and competitive nature to help focus myself and make it a win every time a project is completed. The more creative, the more fun it is.