Susan Armstrong
Account Executive



“My best day is any day that an order goes through successfully, be it a product, a design, or onetime item.”

When you find the right job for you, the feeling is unmistakable. For Susan Armstrong, that feeling arrived shortly after she joined SVS Marketing’s sales team — long before SVS Marketing even existed, over forty years ago. As the company has evolved and grown around her, Susan has happily helped out wherever she could, and her work for the company has been extensive, befitting of her many years as a part of the team.

Susan’s career did not begin in sales, however — in fact, her portfolio of work before SVS is fairly extensive, beginning with a decade-long position in teaching, and ending with freelance clothing design. When she was approached by Comda Advertising, years before SVS existed under its current structure, she began what would turn out to be a long career commitment that she still enjoys today. At the time, what she noticed the most was how much fun she was having in her new role as a saleswoman for promotional products, and as the years went by, she grew into the position more and more.

“[Now that] I work for Comda and SVS, there is an overlap of customers — which is to their advantage, because I can offer a wider variety of services.”

is actually a good word to describe Susan’s work with SVS Marketing, because she often focuses on work that she enjoys to help enhance her effectiveness to her clients. Her specialty, for example, lies within sourcing products for her clients — especially when they need unique products that pose more of a challenge to a promotional marketer. The challenge of sourcing something unique resonates strongly with her, and she enjoys working through her clients’ orders from beginning to end. Many of Susan’s customers have worked with her for a long time, and appreciate these strengths for the results she can get them.

When she isn’t working with SVS, Susan enjoys a full social and family life that makes up a significant part of her personality. On any given weekend, she can probably be found somewhere north of the city, kayaking and golfing in the warmer months, or skiing and hiking when the area cools down. Above all though, Susan Armstrong is a mother and a grandmother who loves her job, and who loves working. She has, after all, been with SVS Marketing for a long time, and in all likelihood, she’ll be working with SVS Marketing for a long time yet.

“I [have] far more fun searching for products and working through the whole order. … I love the challenges; being a competitive person, [SVS] works well with my personality.”

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