Stephen Willwerth

Stephen Willwerth
V.P. New Markets


“My role is simple. I don’t call it a day until all required tasks are completed.”

In the world of promotional products, there are few concepts as important, or as complex, as loyalty. Building relationships with clients, and helping them to build relationships with their clients, is a long-term, often challenging path. It is also, however, an extremely rewarding one, and few people know this truth as well as Stephen Willwerth. As a part of the SVS Marketing sales team, and as the company’s VP for New Markets, the concept of loyalty could not be a more crucial aspect of Stephen’s work at SVS Marketing. Fortunately, it is also the central element to all of the great work he does here.

Stephen’s work in promotional marketing industry long predates his work with SVS Marketing. When he was in his twenties, he founded The Willwerth Group. He worked with his namesake company for over fifteen years with an impressive clientele spanning across North America. His experience and determination in this industry are capably demonstrated through decades of leadership and his impressive accomplishments. Today, many of Stephen’s clients have been working with him for many years, and appreciate his continued hard work on their behalf.

“There is no one simple answer to [approaching clients] … honesty, hard work, sincerity, the ability to be a great listener, and to anticipate their needs. Ideally, it is a journey we take together, and work through all of the highs and lows.”

Stephen joined the SVS Marketing team after being drawn to what he calls the company’s “‘make it happen’ philosophy.” Were you to ask him about the work he and his team members do on a regular basis, he would define that work based almost solely on the needs of the client he is working with at that time. When he meets with a client, he first assesses their unique needs, and begins working on a way to cater SVS services to them. This personalized approach means that Stephen takes the “relationship” aspect of client work very seriously. He will often emphasize that the key to successful promotions, and to any successful project, is that aspect of togetherness. In his own words, he works through the highs and lows with his clients, and makes certain they experience them together.

Every day, Stephen brings energy and a strong work ethic to his work, both with the SVS team, and with his clients, many of whom have worked with him for decades. Stephen is someone who inspires loyalty in the people around him. Having worked in this industry for over thirty years, he knows exactly how to address some of the most complex elements of promotional marketing. Most importantly, he still greatly enjoys his work — an excellent sign after so long in the industry, and a good indication that, in a professional sense, he is exactly where he needs to be.

“The SVS team is a sincere and caring group of veterans… that is why I am here, and with any luck, will one day retire from here.”