Shawn Preece-Hall
Account Executive



“Enjoy it — that’s the goal.”

Based on the incredible variety in the potential clientele for the promotional products industry, it isn’t too surprising to know that the team at SVS Marketing is comprised of a similarly diverse group of people. Everyone has a different background and skillset that has brought them to their own unique niche in the world of custom promotional solutions. For Shawn Preece-Hall, it was a background in digital marketing was what eventually led him to the SVS sales team, where he is constantly looking for opportunities for new initiatives to expand the company’s potential. Driven by his own personal passions, as well as by a strong appreciation for e-commerce and online retail, Shawn’s contributions to SVS Marketing stand out to his clients, who appreciate his unique, driven approach.

Shawn first joined SVS after being attracted to the online marketing projects the company offers many of its clients. His background in digital marketing made the full-service e-commerce solutions offered very appealing, and he was a natural fit on a team that could offer them. Initially, he worked on a number of independent projects, though it wasn’t long before his client group expanded and grew.

Before he joined the team at SVS, Shawn worked in a similar position to many of his clients today, where he gained unique insights into the client side of promotional marketing that helps him to build sincere relationships with his customers. Today, Shawn focuses on full-service e-commerce solutions, from an idea to a strategy to sourcing to production, of both physical goods and online services.

“This is not a singular effort by any stretch. … SVS works through a strong impetus on a team of committed people, with the common goal of over-delivering for our clients.”

Shawn typically works closely with his clients to provide full turnkey solutions, along with the tools and resources they need to effectively communicate with their own customer base. The potential for these platforms is enormous no matter how a client approaches them, but Shawn’s goal is to ensure that his clients receive the greatest return possible from their digital arenas.

To Shawn, SVS Marketing is a hub for diversity. After coming in to focus on e-commerce solutions, he now works with a wide variety of clients across a great many industries. The skills he brings to the table are easily transferrable in this way, and this allows him to work with his clients on a long-term basis. Shawn tries to bring his own unique outlook to all of his work at SVS Marketing, and to allow his own passions to become a part of his work. The benefits to this approach are clear. Shawn’s goal is simple: To enjoy the work he does, and to make sure that his clients are happy with the results. So far, he’s experienced a great deal of success in these two ventures.

“I wouldn’t necessarily say ‘promotional products’ … I would say ‘custom branding solutions.’ That can be everything from pens and coffee mugs, and it can also be seasonal apparel lines at a retail level, or it can be big-front promotional tools. The diversity is vast.”

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