Robert Erglis
V.P. Loyalty Rewards



"We would walk through a wall to make sure a project got completed on time and within budget. 

In a world where customer service is proven, time and time again, to be among the most important elements of any business transaction, one of the most compelling aspects of the SVS team is their willingness to go the extra mile — or however many extra miles it takes — if it means seeing their projects done correctly and on time. Robert Erglis’s clients have already seen him walk through walls to get the results that they need, and his willingness to bring consistent, top-quality service, along with his capacity to see through the many challenges associated with his position, make him a strong leader for those in the industry who look to him.

Robert initially joined Van Smith, before it merged into SVS Marketing, as a member of the sales team, though he has not actively worked in that capacity for a some time. At first, he was greatly enjoying the work he was doing, and was bringing in considerable business for the company — but ultimately, he wanted to do more. Over the years, he discovered a skill and a passion for loyalty programs, and, in particular, for contests. Today, in addition to his work with his existing clients, Robert is SVS’s VP for Loyalty and Contests, which allows him to bring the full extent of his skill and passion to the company, his team, and his customers. 

I started off in sales… I was good at it, and I enjoyed it. But I wanted to do something more unique. 

In his current role, Robert no longer actively seeks out clients, but that doesn’t always stop them from coming to him — his sales work today largely consists of his already-existing base of valued clients, along with the referrals that he always enjoys working with. Much of his time now, however, is spent managing contests, loyalty, and incentive programs, along with other custom ways of selling the various brands of SVS’s customers. For him, that’s what working at SVS really means — rather than simply providing custom, unique products, Robert seeks to empower custom, unique brands. 

Robert is familiar with all forms of advertising that can benefit his clients — billboards, social media, vehicle ads, and anything else that can help spread brand awareness. As a result, he works very closely with everyone involved in his campaigns, to ensure that everyone is always on the same page, and in control as much as they need to be. He is a team player, both with SVS and with the brands who come to him to promote loyalty and incentive programs. 

After over twenty years, Robert is still working with SVS Marketing for two simple reasons: the work itself, and the people. Most of Robert’s clients have been with him for a long time, and working with a team that prioritizes service as much as it does means that he works in an environment that is extremely well-suited to who he is and what he wants to contribute to this industry. 

When Robert isn’t working with his clients, his team, or various third-party agencies that help to keep things running smoothly for his clients or his team, he’s probably spending time with family — unless he’s on a boat somewhere. Robert is passionate about sailing, and in particular about sailboat racing. Failing that, most forms of physical activity appeal to him one way or the other — he enjoys simple dog walks and extensive mountain biking, and enjoys taking opportunities to travel, both in his personal life, and for work for SVS. At least once per year, he travels across Canada for his clients on the west coast, and enjoys the opportunity every time, for the travelling and the work itself in equal measure. 

We do initiatives including ‘other’ types of business — loyalty incentives, employee programs, business-to-retail/consumer programs… and it’s fun.


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