Peter Roth

Peter Roth
Account Executive


The great thing about it is that, every day, you don’t know what you’ll be asked for or what you’ll pitch. Every day is something different.


The SVS sales team — the SVS team in general — is a diverse range of talents, personalities, and capabilities. Some of the people you’ll work thrive in fast-paced environments, while others prefer to take things a bit more slowly, to really wrap their heads around a problem before committing to the ideal solution. Peter Roth can occupy either end of the spectrum; while he is a generally relaxed and calming influence, he seizes quickly on good ideas, and works hard to help his clients succeed.


When a customer has a product request that’s different, or maybe even a little odd, Peter’s usually the person to team them up with, because he is someone who looks at the marketing industry as a whole and sees potential before anything else. If you ask him what SVS Marketing can do for your business, his most likely reply is “anything.” To him, that potential, the openness of the idea of “marketing tools,” is one of the best things about working for customers of SVS, and it is something he strives to deliver to all of his customers, many of whom have been working with him for years.


This is appropriate, since Peter considers loyalty to be one of his primary focuses for his customers — rewards programs in particular tie in well to his specialty in sourcing custom products. Peter has a process for sourcing products that are completely unique and for ones that are more common and need unique twists.


One thing you learn in this business is that you can get just about anything made at any price — but you do get what you pay for.


Trying to strike that balance between an excellent product and an excellent price is rarely easy, but it’s something that Peter has come to excel at over twenty years in the industry. The process of moving from a custom concept to a unique product is one that is Peter’s clear specialty and obvious pride. His creativity and determination are elements of his own personality that manifest extremely well in his everyday work for all of his customers.


When Peter isn’t hard at work for his clients, he’s usually either spending time with his family, or he’s looking forward. He has a strong interest in progressing technologies and how they can improve both his industry and the general world around him. He keeps up-to-date with advances like augmented reality and work to apply them wherever he can in his personal and professional life.


Peter’s drive is clearly encapsulated in one simple phrase: “Our industry is fun.” This ties back into his interest in loyalty and rewards programs — he likes the idea that he can put a smile on people’s faces through what he does for a living, and because of this, is passionate about what he does. Whether for sourcing unique products or setting up custom loyalty programs, as long as he’s making someone out there happy, Peter is thrilled to be doing what he’s doing at SVS Marketing.