Neil McNeil
Account Executive



“Dog, not cat; Coke, not Pepsi; Molson over Labatt… and it’s not a DOG if it fits in a purse!” 

Many sales teams are dominated by big personalities. This is hardly news to most people, but even in a world dominated by unique, creative, and memorable personalities, Neil McNeil stands out somewhat. For over fifteen years, he’s navigated the promotional marketing industry, and stands out among his peers simply for his personality, which reassures customers, clients, and co-workers alike of his reliability and good nature. 

Working in sales is a very logical fit for Neil. For him, SVS Marketing is all about highlighting his customers’ brands in ways that show off the best of what they have to offer. He’s worked with orders as simple as branded pens, he’s organized rewards programs as complex as golf tournaments for his customers, and he is involved with e-commerce and loyalty programs that benefit his clients’ businesses and brands alike. 

Of course, if there was anyone you would want managing the golf tournament that caps off your rewards and loyalty program, it would certainly be Neil McNeil; he would almost certainly describe himself as a sports guy, and when he isn’t working with his clients and vendors, it’s a fair bet that he’s coaching or involving himself with some kind of local sporting. His personality lends itself well to the subject! 

My sales approach is definitely ‘old school;’ very much relationship-based. I have tried some new, original ideas, but mostly it comes back to the comfort level my clients have working with me. 

Neil believes strongly in a relationship-driven approach to sales. To him, a big part of what sets SVS apart from the crowd is its focus and creativity, two things that enable it to maintain long-lasting and close relationships with valued customers. To earn a client’s trust is Neil’s ultimate goal, and his ability to really speak to customers sets him apart from many in this field. Before he joined the team at SVS, Neil worked on “the other end of this relationship,” and that past experience has given him a unique insight into how he wanted to build his own career, and how to bring the best aspects of that change to others. 

Before he came to work there himself, Neil used companies like SVS Marketing to source unique products and rewards for the (often sports-related) events he ran for other businesses. Now, when his clients come to him for help running their own events, his input is invaluable, because he can put himself right in the shoes of their organizers and guests, and has a much easier time exercising his innate creativity for rewards, products, and event management, thanks to the resources working at SVS provides him with. 

Ultimately, Neil is a big-personality, creative, and down-to-earth guy who is driven by a genuine desire to make his customers’ events and goals successful. Promotional product marketing seems to be an ideal fit for him, and his clients almost certainly agree. Whether he’s managing a web store or overseeing sporting events, he brings the same level of creativity, passion, and drive to his work as to anything else. As with any good salesman, Neil ultimately wants his clients to succeed. 

I do believe that my clients trust me — and I do try to make sure I don’t let them down.


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