Marty CHarkow
Account Executive



“I enjoy the environment and the people in the business. I enjoy the flexibility to work at my own pace, enjoy my family and playing golf when the weather allows.”

The best salespeople are usually the ones who truly enjoy the work they do and are passionate about the products or services they sell. Passion is an important part of the process, but there are always salespeople who try too hard, who risk alienating their customers with their intensity. Marty Charkow will probably never will experience that particular issue. He has worked in promotional marketing for over twenty years, and gives no indication that he’ll be finished with the industry anytime soon. As someone who prides himself on his positive attitude and capacity to not take things too seriously, he brings a more laid-back, earnest style to his position at SVS Marketing. Marty is a person who loves his work, and this is an aspect of his personality that serves him well in the world of promotional marketing.

For Marty, one of the more important aspects of his work for SVS’s clients revolves around their corporate identity. To many people, a corporation is a corporation, and it’s the people who run it and who work for it that make that business what it is. Marty’s approach is slightly different. When he works with his clients, he likes to make an effort to understand each individual division of those businesses, from Human Resources to their own Marketing departments. In this way, he can truly understand the customers he works with, in terms of their people and their “corporate whole.” Knowing this, the promotion of a corporate identity becomes a much more straightforward process. Marty’s customers certainly appreciate the accuracy this approach affords him when promoting their brands.

“I enjoy this business and the work environment here at SVS Marketing.”

Not all of Marty’s strategies come from his decades in promotional marketing, however. Before he switched industries, he was the owner of a franchise that helped train others in effective time management. He helped teach prioritization and productivity. Perhaps this is why SVS appealed to Marty as much as it did when he joined the team – he views his work environment as one in which he has the tools and encourage for success in a field he truly enjoys working in.

Marty prides himself on his successes, and knows how to build off of them to help more people. He prefers to generate his own leads, and many of his customers are actually referrals from others. To him, this is the absolute best way to contribute to SVS’s growing portfolio. It does mean that nearly all of his clients come to him with a particular set of expectations — but his experience with clients from a range of industries means that he can usually meet those expectations and make it all look easy.

Marty has been in this business for a long time. In all likelihood, he could retire at any time – if he wanted to. But it is abundantly clear that he simply enjoys his work far too much to stop anytime soon. Promotional marketing is an industry that is constantly in flux, and he is always making sure he (not to mention the team around him) is keeping up with everything. Someone who is so invested in his industry and his work can be a surprising rarity — but Marty Charkow embodies these traits well, and it makes him an excellent salesperson and a valuable contributor at SVS Marketing.

“Our sales and support people all contribute in a positive manner [and] I always come to the office with a positive attitude.”

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