Lawrence Bender

Lawrence Bender
Account Executive


“I take a partnership approach to ensure my clients receive the best service, products, pricing, and solutions.”

If you were to ask Lawrence Bender what SVS Marketing does, he’d probably have a lot of answers for you. Giveaways? Uniforms? Product promotions, event promotions, loyalty programs? After over fifteen years of working in promotional sales, there’s very little that he actually can’t or wouldn’t do for his customers. His approach to his clients and his role at the company is entirely focused on making sure that those clients are receiving the absolute best that he can offer.

For Lawrence, the most important part of his work in sales is his partnership approach with his clients. Some salespeople describe themselves as working for their clients; Lawrence makes a point of working with them. At its core, this means that he works to see things from his customers’ perspectives; he wants to understand not what it is they want to have, physically, but rather what they are trying to achieve for their businesses. Once he understands this key end goal, he can create promotional solutions that have been tailor-made for that purpose, whatever it may be. To Lawrence, SVS is a company that supplies products, programs, and incentives for businesses with specific needs, and his work focuses primarily on helping to fulfil those needs.

Having worked in promotional sales for over fifteen years, Lawrence’s approach is one that has been carefully refined, and today, his natural, authentic, and conversational style puts many of his clients at ease, and assures them that his ultimate goal is to help them to improve their own projects. It can be difficult to overstate how important this quality is in the world of promotional marketing, because there are often too many options for clients to choose from. With a company like SVS, which offers its clients anything from branded pens to full-scale websites and incentive programs, it can be difficult for a client to truly know what they need for their own programs – or, for that matter, to distinguish their needs from the things they simply want. Lawrence’s approach means that he can work with his clients to narrow down a huge list of prospective promotions into ideal solutions.

“The thrill of the chase… making the sale… making my clients look good.”

If you asked Lawrence, he would say that these three points are what’s kept him working in promotional sales for so long. It is clear, however, that this industry is an amazing fit for him — he is outgoing and friendly, equally comfortable working on his own as he is with a team. Importantly, he also takes notable pride in the level of service that he — and SVS as a whole — offer his customers. In a world where two salespeople can offer the same product from the same supplier, Lawrence is keenly aware of the edge that excellent service can bring for himself and for SVS as a whole.

In many ways, “excellent service” makes up the heart of Lawrence’s entire approach to sales and to his role at SVS Marketing. He’s been working with promotional products and services long enough to know that his conversational approach to marketing and sales simply works. When he takes the time to get to know, and to really understand the people he works with, he can deliver them exactly what they need exactly when they need it. That can be a surprisingly rare offer in the world of marketing, but when Lawrence takes the time to really understand what his customers need, it isn’t too difficult to follow through.

“I need to understand what my client is trying to achieve … by conversation. Listening to what their needs and desires are, and then seeing what’s the best fit.”