Joan Herron
Account Executive


“Stay active, and help the world.


If you were to ask Joan, she would probably tell you that these simple words — stay active and help the world — are the words that best encompass who she is, and it wouldn’t matter if you were asking about her role as a saleswoman for SVS Marketing, or about her personal life, or any other aspect of herself. This simple mantra is simply a guiding force in how Joan Herron lives her life, and it’s something you’ll probably notice in her no matter what your relationship with her may be.


At SVS, Joan mostly emphasizes this philosophy through creativity and outside-of-the-box thinking, especially when it comes to the promotional products she provides her many clients. To her, working at SVS is about enhancing and increasing a business’s image in a world where corporate identity is crucial for achieving success in the world of business. Whether online or offline, Joan does not rest with simply promoting a brand or an image, but instead strives to enhance it in any way that she can. Every business, after all, wants their corporate identity to be widely known, and to Joan, creative promotional marketing is the ideal way to achieve that awareness.


This is why Joan enjoys working with promotional products and loyalty programs — they give her a chance to, in her own words, “make things easier for everyone.” Joan works with a variety of media to achieve this for her customers. For clients who need streamlined services, she’s helped to design centralized web stores; for others who need to stand out from an constantly-growing crowd of competition, she brings forward unique promotional products to help enhance their unique identity.


Creativity, uncompromising integrity, and strong relationships.


These are the three principles that Joan would say most strongly guides her role in sales at SVS Marketing. Her commitment in particular to maintaining strong relationships with her customers is especially noteworthy — and often, this is at the forefront of her interactions with her co-workers, suppliers, and customers all. A favourite proverb of Joan’s says, “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, together.” Her position is all about relationships, after all, and her passion for maintaining strong relationships across her professional and personal life is one of the first things anyone is likely to notice about her. Joan is easily approachable, easy to talk to, and always has something interesting to say.


At any given moment, it’s likely that Joan is striving to both stay active and help the world. When she isn’t brainstorming creative strategies to solve her clients’ marketing concerns, she can probably be found on the twelve-kilometre path she walks across each day, or otherwise volunteering her spare time to help others. Failing that, she’s probably trying to learn something new, to better how own skills and knowledge, and to improve her performance both as an individual, and as a part of a team. This can mean both the SVS Marketing team and the team she forms with her customers every day she’s working with them.


Joan Herron is someone who strives to make life as enjoyable as she can, both for herself and for the people around her. Her own creativity, integrity, and ability to forge strong, lasting relationships is the ideal way for her to ensure that she is always staying active — and, more importantly, is always working towards helping the world.

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