Iain Walker



Much of Iain's entrepreneurial experience initially comes from working as a musician. After earning a degree in recording engineering, Iain worked as a musician and producer. As a “day job,” Iain began working at a calendar company, the family business for a close friend and bandmate, where he spent most of his time assembling boxes (“Box-making jobs are highly regarded by broke musicians everywhere”). From there, the next decades would be spent learning about the industry and advancing through various ventures in promotional marketing before ending up at the head of SVS Marketing. He still plays and produces music in his spare time. 

The need for creativity and teamwork fits right into his personality. Iain is driven, in part, by a sincere desire to see people succeed and believe in the value of empowering each other as best as possible. The work environment at SVS is one where he definitely wants to foster this ideal. After spending over thirty years in a wide variety of promotional marketing environments, Iain understands well what is needed to succeed in the industry and try to bring those qualities in every day for his team.

“Every day is different … not many industries offer that. Not knowing exactly how my day is going to play out is exciting… usually.”

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