Elle Herron

Elle Herron
Account Executive


“I love the challenge of trying to source a unique product for my clients, to ensure that they will be thrilled with their purchase.”

As a lover of challenge, excitement, and uniquely-branded items, Elle Herron is without doubt a valuable part of the SVS team. Despite the Toronto-based headquarters used by most of the team, however, Elle has made her home comfortably in Victoria, BC, which is likely where an avid surfer, hiker, and adventurous personality such as herself would be happiest. Working in Victoria helps Elle to broaden the scope of what SVS is capable of, thanks to a wide variety of resources available uniquely from the West Coast.

What this means for Elle is that when a client needs to find a truly Canadian product, she can be called upon to source them, no matter how unique the brand, business, or product idea may be. And this is where she truly excels — unique, branded merchandise that screams “we are Canadian” with as much excitement and fervour as a product can scream with. As a specialty, this makes sense; to her, working at SVS is about providing a unique service through high-quality items that don’t exist anywhere else.

“At SVS, finding the best price for clients and producing results in a timely manner is of the utmost importance to the company.”

On a personal level, Elle’s sense of curiosity and empathy are crucial elements of her role on the SVS sales team. The open-mindedness that is an essential aspect of promotional product sourcing and marketing is simply a part of who she is. This, along with her unique geographical position, means that she often gets to work with unique and exciting opportunities that have done much to expand SVS’s portfolio over the years.

In any marketing capacity — and indeed on any sales team — personality is crucial, and Elle’s palpable excitement for new promotional brand product opportunities shines through in her daily work. She feels genuine joy upon succeeding in a difficult project, and makes an earnest attempt to learn everything she can about every opportunity she encounters. It is these basic elements of her personality that shine through in every project she finishes for SVS Marketing, and encourages confidence in those who work with her along the way.

When she isn’t working hard to source a unique product or to devise an entirely new one, Elle can usually be found surfing or hiking somewhere she’s never surfed or hiked before. Failing that, she’s usually working to further her skill in customer satisfaction at a technical startup on the West Coat — or hunting down new leads through her general open-mindedness and curiosity.

To Elle, sourcing products that are unique, truly Canadian, and exciting is not an easy task — but this is what is exciting about it. To use her own words, succeeding, and making her clients happy is an amazing feeling, and something she knew from the beginning that she wanted to join the promotional marketing world for. The passion she developed for this world, from a young age, is still clear in her every word and action, and has served a great many clients well since she started, and continues to do so with that same excitement today.

“I knew from the get-go that I wanted to do something in [this] line of work. Not only do I love that being in promotional sales allows you to meet some really interesting people, I also love the challenge of trying to source a unique product for my clients, to ensure that they will be thrilled with their purchase. … This is not an easy task, but when you find a product that meets all [of those] needs and the client is happy, it’s a pretty amazing feeling!”