David Strutt
Manager of Technology Services


“I see myself as being creative; ‘right-brained’ — but the business side of it, project management, reporting, I discovered that I really enjoyed it.”

Behind every great web store built by SVS Marketing is the technical team that made it happen. And behind the technical team that made the web store happen is David Strutt. David is the Manager of Technical Services for SVS, a position he’s grown into after nearly a decade of work for the team in various capacities. As a creative, passionate individual, David has grown into his leadership position, and works hard every day to maintain the standard for SVS’s e-commerce platforms, and to make as many clients happy as he possibly can.

David’s roots with the company, however, do not lie within management positions. When he started working for SVS — before it had merged into SVS — he did so as a designer, working in various capacities for clients old and new. It quickly became clear that many of the company’s clients liked his approach to design, and that they liked working with him as well. If you asked David, he’d probably say that, at the time, he didn’t see himself as the best code writer, but his creative approach helped him to stand out to clients and team members alike. David’s progression to his current leadership role was a very natural one, and it’s been rewarding for company and client alike.

“I’m the manager of technology services … [My co-workers] will tease me because my desk is so clear — it’s because I don’t use paper!”

With a paperless desk and a strong preference for the digital, David is a natural choice for SVS’s technology services manager. He’s found that he enjoys his leadership role and works closely with clients as their digital platforms are set up and maintained. Whether the other end of his platforms are used by other businesses, or directly by consumers, David’s design-based approach helps to create a good experience for end users. When a client wants to upgrade their website or digital platform, he can assess their needs and design a solution that accommodates those needs efficiently. Often, David will find creative ways to re-adapt software to the needs of his clients — in which a design background is an enormous help for everyone involved.

As someone who works with clients directly, David also will occasionally join in the product development stage of the business — and he enjoys it nearly as much as his technological work. His background in design lends him a unique perspective in product design, which his clients always appreciate. David’s quiet passion for his job makes him a valuable part of the SVS Marketing team, both to the clients he works with, and the rest of the technical services team. After a very natural progression from new designer to technical services manager, it’s hard to argue that David is in the exact right position to utilize his skills as best as possible for the SVS Marketing team and clients all.

“I do work directly with some clients over technical issues, and when they have requests for that side of things … but our clients know me … and, I think, they trust me too.

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