Cindy Torrison

Cindy Torrison
Accounting Supervisor

“What do I do for SVS? I do whatever I can to have the accounting run smoothly.”


There are certain stereotypes that tend to follow accountants around in the business world. Often, accountants are seen as quiet, reserved people, who don’t necessarily follow the businesses they work with too closely. For many accountants, the numbers are the only important thing — do the books balance? Are the spreadsheets correct? If so, then all is well in the world. As is often the case with stereotypes, there are some accountants who fit the mould, and some who do not — Cindy Torrison does not, and SVS Marketing is a better place for it.


Cindy works primarily as the Accounting Manager for SVS, where her role is to ensure that everyone’s accounts are being run smoothly and as efficiently as possible, both for the company’s staff and its clients. While she is still relatively new at her position in management, she has taken to it extremely quickly, and is constantly on the lookout for new ways to improve the efficiency of her own team, as well as that of the company as a whole. Indeed, she can often be found reviewing present procedures and approaching other department heads with suggestions for ensuring that everyone is getting the most out of their available resources.


“You couldn’t work with a better team. They are like family.”


Cindy does more for SVS than just accounting, however. When she isn’t working with her own department, she also heads up Health and Safety for the office, and co-chairs the team’s Social and Charity Committee. Cindy’s drive to reach out and help those who are less fortunate is inspiring, and she has helped to connect SVS with several different charity groups, including one of her own — she often creates her own home-baked goods to sell purely for charitable donations, and this is a point of true pride for her.


When Cindy isn’t working hard to make SVS and the world a better place, she can often be found spending time running at the gym, or walking with her dog. She loves watching Volleyball and is a very family-driven individual in her personal life — which includes six siblings, a husband (of over thirty years!), two sons, several in-laws, and a shitzu named Fred.


Surrounding herself with so many people to care for and be cared for has had a clear and positive effect on who Cindy is as a person; both in the SVS offices and in her own personal life, Cindy is a driven, caring individual who wants to help the world around her. SVS’s clients and team both benefit from her simple desires to help others and to see the all of the books balanced as efficiently as possible — and, really, what more could an accounting manager ask for?


“I am very happy with the progress I have achieved, and look forward to many years of continued service.”