Cara Raich
Account Executive



“What do I do?’ What don’t I do?"

SVS Marketing is located in Toronto, but seeks to work with brands and businesses from far and wide. Many members of the sales team in particular move around frequently to keep up with businesses abroad, and the company’s reach is impressively wide. From her outpost in Niagara Falls, Cara Raich works to expand SVS’s services to a wider clientele in her own community. For over a decade, she’s worked with local businesses to expand their own profiles through promotional products and branded materials. Being as far from the rest of the team as she is, Cara’s experience with SVS is a different world than that of many of her colleagues, but her personality and experience make her well-suited to the task.

For Cara, physical promotional items are a specialty. Her many clients benefit greatly from this. In a way, using merchandise to promote a business or ideology in an accessible way sounds like a reasonably simple task. Cara, however, likens the process to getting someone you’ve just met a present — there are good gifts, great gifts, and useless gifts, and getting someone a great gift is usually not a one-step process.

“I think it’s a fun, creative process that you have to figure out… It’s like giving presents to people. … [and] there’s nothing worse than getting a useless present.”

Fortunately, Cara is very personable, easy to talk to, and genuinely interested in what other people need, and how she can help. She only wants to give great presents, which means that there is one very specific product, out of an uncountable number of templates and models available to SVS, that she needs to create for her clients. Were you to ask those clients, they’d probably tell you that Cara asks a lot of questions. She wants to understand everything she possibly can about the people she works with, because that is how the best ideas and the best gifts come to light.

Although not all of Cara’s clients are located in or around Niagara, the vast majority of them are. In many ways, Cara has adapted her professional style to the landscape around her; she works with businesses large and small, that work in a large variety of fields, with their location as the primary common factor. As a result of this, Cara does a whole lot of networking on a regular basis, to make sure the business community around her knows what she can do. For many salespeople today, cold calling is a contentious method of expanding a business. For Cara, it works. Being well-known and well-informed are two very useful traits to have in this business, and these are excellent terms to describe Cara Raich.

“Building a reputation,”
to use Cara’s words, can be a tricky thing to do. Businesses, after all, have long memories, and have to look out for themselves above all else. Fortunately, Cara’s desire to help her clients succeed is clear and genuine. She has done a remarkable job of networking her way through her own local market, and helps SVS to expand its reach by creating and refining its Niagara niche with every business she approaches. Cara is the type of person who wants to learn when your birthday is before she knows your order. Whether with small businesses, medium businesses, or national corporations, Cara simply wants to help, as best as she can — which is an impressive standard for sure.

“There’s small, large corporations, nationwide and mom and pop shops … some [people] are exclusive against smaller businesses, but I try to help everyone.”

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