Anna Donatiello
Account Executive



“I fix things when they go sideways.”

“Fixing things when they go sideways” is a description that is both very vague and very accurate as an explanation for who Anna Donatiello at SVS Marketing. Her role involves a little bit of everything, but if you’re ever looking for her, your best bet is probably to look for the screen with the most open spreadsheets on it. As the Customer Service Manager and Office Manager for SVS Marketing, her role is essentially to oversee daily operations, to fix any kinds of issue that arise, to make sure that everything is running smoothly, and to ensure that everyone’s clients are happy.

So the fact that she also works an an account manager and customer service specialist within the SVS sales team and customers is just impressive topped onto impressive.

“I am blessed to have a great capacity for multi-tasking, and, of course, late nights.”

To wear as many hats as she does, and to manage clients, accounts, and the office at SVS itself, Anna doesn’t have much choice except to be organized and efficient at a level that is difficult for a great many people. Fortunately, her dedication to each and every one of her roles is a clear aspect of her day-to-day work, and she is more than capable of keeping up with everything as it comes.

The thing that gives Anna the advantage in all of this is that she cares, and she cares a lot. Anna is the type of person who strives to see the big picture, who maintains a strong relationship today with customers and vendors she first started working with twenty years ago. In fact, she can often be found at trade shows, visiting vendors old and new, and meeting customers and suppliers both, to reaffirm the strong relationships that she’s spent her career cultivating with a passion that sets her apart from many.

Her clients know that they are in good hands with her, simply because their happiness is her goal at SVS. The most important element of customer care, in her own words, is making your customer happy by meeting their needs, and she achieves this through transparency, creativity, and professionalism.
Of course, much of Anna’s time goes towards making sure that everyone is happy — not just her own clients, and not just SVS customers, but everyone involved with the business. From the warehouses to the sales meetings, from trade shows to giveaways, and from web stores to contests, Anna is there, somewhere, waiting for the opportunity to simply make people happy.

If you were to ask her, Anna would tell you that care-giving is the most important aspect of her own personality to shine through in her work at SVS. As a manager, salesperson, and problem solver, caring is perhaps the most crucial element of the job, and for someone who believes that customer service is the defining element of SVS Marketing, it is an unsurprising and absolute strength. So when her customers come to her, concerned about a crucial deadline, they know she’ll do everything she can to meet it. When a company with a unique problem needs a unique solution, they know they can turn to her for a solution. And if a supplier, vendor, or team member is starting to feel even the slightest bit uneasy, she’s probably already dialing their number to make sure everything is moving according to plan.

“The client always comes first, and we worry about the rest later.”

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