Sharron Birtch

Sharron Birtch
Product Development

“What I love about the promotional industry is its fast pace. … The need for promotional products will never go away. The innovation is what makes it so exciting.”

The industry around promotional products is a uniquely compelling experience for suppliers, distributors, and clients alike. Every day brings with it a new challenge, a unique approach, and a previously unconsidered perspective. Many of the team at SVS Marketing work in this industry precisely because of the challenge and the variety. Sharron Birtch is one such team member. As someone with over twenty years of experience in sales at various levels, the draw of the challenging nature of this industry speaks a lot to her creativity, and her willingness to bring the absolute best service possible to her clients.

Sharron’s work with promotional marketing began long before she joined SVS, or even before she entered the industry itself. Previously, she worked in a sales position where she needed to motivate and reward loyalty from clients. Before too long, she entered the industry fully, exploring a number of interesting product models before joining the SVS Marketing team to experience the distribution side of the market. In this way, Sharron has experienced the promotional products industry from all sides, and this perspective is an incredible asset for anyone in her current position. Sharron understands the importance of the relationship between brand and product, customer and provider, and between distributor and retailer better than many, which is a huge asset in the business of promotional marketing.

“Promotional products are a gateway to your brand. They inspire, create, and instill loyalty and familiarity.”

When Sharron works with clients, her goal is to “bring their brand to life.” At a basic level, this means understanding who her clients are, and what they want to achieve. In many ways, this alone makes promotional marketing a good fit for her, because she enjoys helping people, and if that involves overcoming a challenge, so much the better. Sharron loves the challenge of an industry that never stops changing or evolving. She is creative and identifies strongly with the passions that drive her clients. These are the traits that make Sharron extremely well-suited to the industry she thrives in, and that make her a valuable part of the SVS Marketing team.

Outside of SVS Marketing and her professional life, Sharron is very much a family person. She spends time with her children, family, and dogs. She hikes, boats, and stays active. Sharron’s life experiences have taught her the value of being with and helping people, a concept she can carry with her every day at SVS and at home.

After over twenty years in sales and more than a decade working with promotional products, Sharron is arguably exactly where she needs to be. To her, the challenges are opportunities, and the opportunities are exciting. Sharron is someone who thrives in a world that is constantly changing, and who wants to take advantage of those changes for the betterment of her clients. To put it simply, Sharron is someone who truly cares about her clients and her customers, and this makes all the difference for each and every one of them.

“I don’t like routine, and I find this type of role offers a lot of variety. The industry is forever changing and evolving. I love to be creative and find ways to see things in a different light.