Maud Kukucska

Maud Kukucska

“I think here at SVS we really do care about our customers, and we try to please them. I always make sure their orders are shipped out in a neat and timely fashion.”

For most of SVS Marketing’s clients and customers, contact with their company usually means a sales representative, or customer care specialist. Certainly, many think primarily of the people who initially reached out to them to offer them the promotional services or items they needed at the time. Those items themselves, however, often take a long journey to reach the hands of SVS customers, and that journey is a crucial part of the whole process — and this is where Maud Kukucska comes in.

Maud oversees the Shipping department of SVS, as she has for over eight years, and the job is a demanding one. Maud oversees countless promotional items on a constant basis, and every single one of them needs to be sent out in perfect condition, carefully protected, and made presentable for each stage of its journey from SVS to their many customers from all over the place. It’s a tough job, and it’s an extremely important one, but Maud is arguably the ideal person for the role.

“I work well with SVS because I care about the company and the people that I work for.”

Maud’s motivation is a simple one: she wants her company and customers both to succeed, and she spends her time at SVS contributing to these goals in any way she can. Of course, she’s far from the only one at SVS who wants success for their clients, and this means, more frequently than you might expect, rushed orders coming in. So when someone reaches out to Maud and explains that there’s a new order that needs to be sent out on the same day, she’s not surprised — and was probably already ready to get started.

Rush orders are the most difficult element of Maud’s role in shipping, but a level head, strong capacity for organization and management, and good people skills make her the ideal candidate to work through them. From her position in the warehouse, she has the opportunity to effectively support her own staff, the sales staff, and SVS customers, and if her work ethic is any indication, she truly cares about helping everyone reach success. To Maud, SVS is a unique marketing company, and as someone who spends most of her time around the physical products SVS can create, she has an excellent sense of how best to manage those items to support the people around her.

Maud credits a lot of the people around her with her own successes. She both supports and is supported by the staff in Shipping, and can rely on her coworkers in the Sales and Customer Care teams to help out when things get truly hectic. When this happens, she can keep a level head, figure out what needs to be done, and power through — making absolutely certain that anything that can be shipped out on time (and a few things that can’t as well) do. Running a warehouse that sees as many orders as SVS’s does is far from an easy task, but Maud responds to intense demand with a resolve to see each order through, and this makes all of the difference for everyone involved.

“How do I stay on top of everything? I have a great staff in Shipping. … I always make sure [our customers’] orders are shipped out in a neat and timely fashion.”