Marjorie Harripersad
Customer Service


“My specialties are effective communication, and time management.”

Together with the sales team, Marjorie works hard to maintain these operations, and to support the company’s clients as best as she can. Her position is particularly focused on customer service, though this is a very simplistic term for what she does on a regular basis. Of course, customer service and support is a huge part of what goes on every day at SVS Marketing, and Marjorie is an important part of that process.

As part of her role in sales support, Marjorie works primarily with six other members of the SVS sales team, as well as with a wide variety of vendors and customers. She is present throughout the complete ordering process, beginning with receiving order requests from clients, and ending with the final invoices. This also means that when one of her clients needs an order fulfilled as quickly as possible, it falls largely to Marjorie to speed things along. These rush orders constitute some of the most challenging aspects of this kind of work, but her ability to manage time effectively (no matter how much or little is available) makes her well-suited for the role.

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