Marie Carpio

Marie Carpio
Production Manager

“I strive to be the best, in anything that I do; I hold high expectations for myself and my work.”

In the world of promotional marketing, there’s always much more going on behind the scenes than you might expect. After all, this is an industry that works online and offline, in manufacturing and in shipping, in supplying and providing. More and more, the customers of SVS Marketing find themselves needing a central database for their promotional products and solutions. In a world where e-commerce is a huge boon to any business, Marie Carpio is working hard, often behind the scenes, in her work with SVS, where she spends her time making sure that the e-commerce platforms built for the company’s customers — every one of them — is running smoothly and efficiently, and that no one is disappointed with the services they provide.

As the person responsible for running every single web store set up and maintained by SVS for its client, Marie’s job is, to put it lightly, a demanding one. As part of that role, Marie oversees every order that comes through these online platforms, ensuring that each one is shipped in a timely manner, and that the invoicing is generated properly and seen through. The orders Marie works with might be shipped out to the general public, or to other businesses; both retail and corporate web stores fall under Marie’s careful supervision.

Not everything Marie does is quite so “behind-the-scenes,” however — her work with business-to-business stores means that for many of the company’s clients, she needs to be a reliable point of contact, and represent the customer’s relationship with SVS as a whole. While some might prefer to work anonymously, and simply keep things running in the background, Marie enjoys the projects that allow her to build relationships with clients the most.

“We do what we have to do to make sure that all our customers are satisfied, not just with the product they receive, but the overall experience.”

Managing so many web stores and clients is far from an easy task, but Marie is the ideal person for the role. Her ability to stay organized and on top of things is crucial to managing her role successfully, and more than that, the relative ease with which she can multitask is a significant asset. What really helps, however, is the fact that Marie has been doing this work for the promotional marketing industry for over twenty years. This level of experience is a huge part of what keeps SVS’s e-commerce platforms running smoothly.

Of course, Marie didn’t always have twenty years of experience behind her, but as someone who appreciates the importance of good customer service, and who strives to put her customers’ needs first every day, this is a role that has always fit her personality and professional drive. When she approaches a project, she does so by looking at the present and potential quality of their overall experience, rather than simply at their product or web store. The importance of these relationships is impossible to overstate enough, and through this approach, Marie has helped a great many clients over a long and successful twenty years in promotional marketing and with SVS.

“You need to be able to understand the needs of the customer. I put the customer’s needs first; I always do my best to meet their demands so that their experience on the web store is satisfying.”