Ken Best
Account Executive



“I work hard on the client’s behalf to make sure that they are pleased with our transactions — that deliver on their expectations — or [exceed them].”

One of the most appealing elements of sales work for many is that the skill is transferrable, and can be applied to any field or market that resonates with the salesperson. For Ken Best, working in sales was an easy choice, but the industries he’s worked in have been varied and exciting. For over eight years, he has worked with the team at SVS Marketing, but the calm and diligent approach he brings to his work has been refined over decades of experience in other markets.

Ken has been in sales for roughly as long as he’s been working; it is simply something that he is good at and enjoys doing. Not all of his experience has been in promotional products, however – this is only his most recent venture. Before SVS Marketing, for example, Ken worked with commodity-based business selling contract furniture. The leap into a new industry was based not only in a desire for change in product and service, but for a change in environment as well. Ken wanted to sell more than a product – he wanted to sell an idea; a service, in the form of whatever will help his clients to excel.

“The commodity aspect of [the contract furniture] business mostly means that prospect will go with the lowest price. I prefer making the sale based on other aspects, like purchase value, and the quality of the people and services that SVS has to offer.”

The ability to sell quality products and exemplary service is something that resonates with Ken, so the switch into this industry was one that made a great deal of sense. Eight years in, there is no indication that he hasn’t made an excellent choice. For Ken, SVS Marketing is a company that ultimately wants to help organizations promote their brands, and his drive to provide reliable service to his clients makes him well-suited for the task.

Ken’s diligence manifests itself both in his approach to connecting with clients and his approach to working with them. He is always looking to expand his client base, and reaches out to businesses from all over using every method from cold calling to e-mails, and from referrals to physically delivering brochures. The consistent quality of his service is a point of pride for him, as is the value of his word as a salesperson. After all, in the world of promotional marketing, there are a lot of variables — even discounting loyalty programs and trade shows, each client wants different products, with different logos, to promote different brands. Many of his orders are time-sensitive, and many others will run into unexpected issues. In this environment, reliability is hugely important, and Ken’s customers have come to respect that value that he places on his word when he tells them what he can do for them. He will always make sure that he understands exactly what his clients need to provide them with well-researched, well-informed solutions that work.

Ken’s clients know him as a diligent, hard worker, who can reliably help their brands to succeed. When things to start to go sideways, he presses on calmly, and makes sure that everyone stays on the right track. As someone who has been in sales for his entire career, this is a great reputation to have — and it is one that he continues to nurture every day at SVS Marketing.

“I strive to provide reliable service — to do what I say I’m going to do — and to work to ensure that [out goals] come about. … I make sure I understand our client’s needs so that I can best suggest a solution.”

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