Jaimin Patel

Jaimin Patel
Web Development

“I love providing technical solutions to our clients. Creating websites and maintaining them is always fun for me.”

In the business of promotional marketing, it can be difficult to get far without a certain measure of passion for what you’re doing. Jaimin Patel embodies this ideal constantly in his work at SVS Marketing. His is a passion for helping people, a passion for his team, and a passion for technical solutions. Jaimin works as a web developer for SVS’s technology services team, where he helps to support the company’s efforts to provide e-commerce solutions for its clients. In a world where online solutions can translate into a global audience, it is hard to understate the importance of Jaimin’s work — fortunately, it is equally difficult to understate the passion that he puts into it every day.

Every project Jaimin works with receives a healthy input of that passion. Whether it's the SVS team or its clients that have technical concerns, he simply wants to help, however he can. Often, this means creating, maintaining, and upgrading web-stores for customers. It also involves fixing any issues that appear along the way. Jaimin also works to resolve client queries directly whenever possible, and helps his own team with analytics and website optimization. From SEO to bug squashing, Jaimin has much of the technical side of the business covered.

“I am always ready to take an extra step to get work done. Honesty is the best policy, [and] I apply that to my work.”

Data is another significant part of Jaimin’s day-to-day work. In a world like promotional marketing, keeping on top of trends and understanding clients’ industries is crucial for delivering high-quality services. Jaimin seeks to understand these trends as best as possible by working with client web-stores and analytics software; he is often building reports that highlight patterns in customer data. In this way, he can help the rest of the SVS team to better understand its customers — not to mention its customers’ customers. The information Jaimin takes from the back end of many e-commerce systems is a big part of what allows the company as a whole to keep on top of a constantly-changing industrial world.

When Jaimin isn’t in the SVS office, he can often be found enjoying one of his many hobbies. Jaimin is a music fan (and one of festivals in particular), a sports fan (cricket and volleyball, to be precise), and someone who enjoys indoor gaming (chess, cards, and pool, for example). He loves nature and adventure. Most of the time, however, Jaimin looks to be spending time with his family, and tries to make seeing them his priority. He is a caring person, and this is something that manifests in his personality both at SVS and outside of it.

As a team player with a strong skill for technology services, Jaimin is ideal for the SVS technical team. He is equally comfortable working with his own team as he is working with clients directly, and often has to do both to complete a project to the best of his ability. Fortunately, Jaimin comes to work energized each day; his passion for what he does fuels his desire to do it well. He enjoys helping people, loves working in technical services, and works well as part of a team — in short, he is ideal for SVS Marketing, and is valued by his team and his clients alike.

“I believe in helping people, whether are our clients, my team members, or anyone else. And I am a technical person — so helping everyone to address their technical needs gives me great satisfaction.”