Hyein Hong

Hyein Hong
Accounts Payable

“I pay attention to details a lot, too much sometimes… I do not like to see any discrepancies; not even a cent.”


There are few things that are more comforting in business than an accountant who describes one of her qualities as being that she sometimes pays “too much” attention to detail. The Accounting department at SVS Marketing helps to run so much of the company’s daily operations that people like Hyein Hong — happy, focused, organized, and driven — are always a welcome part of the team.


Hyein started working with SVS shortly graduating from school with a degree in Accounting, and has been a great fit for the team ever since. While she was studying for that degree, she worked at three different part-time jobs, including bookkeeping; her ability to keep organized in the face of having so much to do is a part of what makes her so good at her work. Given this previous experience, it’s a fair bet to think that she’s already ready for anything the world of promotional marketing might throw at her — though, depending on the day, working at SVS might just feel like managing three part-time jobs at once… and if it ever does, Hyein is ready for it!


Hyein began her work at SVS as a Junior Accountant, working with the “back end” of client and company transactions. She quickly found herself with more responsibilities on the job, eventually joining the General Accounting staff. Today, she works more closely with vendors and clients, managing and verifying transactions between them and the company. This means, simply put, that there is always work to do for; in addition to her general accounting work, work with clients, and transaction verification, Hyein is constantly on the lookout for inaccuracies. No error goes unnoticed for long under her watchful gaze — her affinity for details and experience with numbers helps her to notice irregularities of any kind, and she is always eager to fix them. Fortunately, fixing these kinds of discrepancies is simply a part of her personality, and this alone makes her an amazing fit for the SVS Accounting team.


“Once I have taken care of any urgent requests, the staring contest with the numbers on Excel spreadsheets begins.”

The staring contest with Excel is one that Hyein strives to win. Eventually, the numbers will blink — and when they do, she is always on hand to ensure that no inaccuracies or errors will ever hinder the people she works with — co-workers and clients both.